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Our History

Founded in 2011, Starligas works in the ferroalloys and metals market, supplying steel mills and foundries which are supplying mostly the automotive, rail and mining market.

Focused on import and export, Starligas takes care to provide quality products while maintaining a team of highly trained professionals ready to provide personalized service, following customer specifications.

Seeking continuous improvement in processes and the strengthening of relations of its suppliers and its customers, the company offers the best solutions on Ferroalloys and metals.

Our Vision

“Seeking continuous improvement in processes and customer satisfaction through professional training, respecting the needs of customers.”

Quality Policy

We pride ourselves on offering the best products and the best service to our customer. Feel free to know all the products work and contact us to request a quote.



Rua França Velho,n° 358/366, Vila Carmosina, São Paulo - SP


+55 11 2523.7940


Monday to Friday
From 08h to 18h

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